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Customer Value Management

While employed by others, Mr. Evans gained additional experience in data mining and modeling telecommunication consumer behavior (including both personal and business customers) for wireless and wireline products to support marketing strategy decisions. Mr. Evans' applied his skills in database application development and legacy system enhancements to improve targeting, prediction, retention, and upsells at several telephone service companies in the U.S. and Canada.

Asset Information, Management, and Strategy

GIS applications in telecommunications asset management abound. From developing maintenance schedules and routes to cataloging, maintaining, and managing assets to performing strategic planning exercises, GIS applications are able to reduce operating costs and help identify new revenue opportunities. JEC is highly experienced in developing cost-effective GIS applications and products. More than pretty pictures - spatial analytics lead to better decision-making than crude spreadsheets, while offering superior communication ability. Mr. Evans has overseen the development of both stand-alone and Internet-based applications.

5/5/15 - Jay Evans presented "Simplified Trips-on-Project Software (STOPS): Strategies for Successful Application" to the Transit Committee at the Florida Model Task Force Meeting in Orlando, Florida. This presentation and others from the conference will be available for download via the following link.

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