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Real Estate
Location Information Solutions
Portfolio Analysis

JEC has enabled numerous tenant-clients to benefit from the reduced research time required to identify appropriate strategic real estate actions. Our technology has been deployed in multiple jurisdictions for use in identifying opportunities to consolidate, expand, or otherwise alter real estate usage for strategic, cost-savings, or other reasons. The system enables property data to be flexibly analyzed and displayed on custom maps. Metrics can be used to quickly highlight locations that should receive additional attention. The system operates as an Intranet application using selected Open Source technologies to reduce ongoing license expenses ordinarily associated with mapping applications.

Territory Opportunities

JEC can use proprietary and public demographic and development data married with consumer choice models or data to identify opportunities for creation or expansion of location-critical businesses such as retailers, restaurants, and hotels. Since we are not tied to a particular commercial system, we are able to source the data that is best suited to a particular analysis to produce custom analytics and arrive at metrics to enable solid decision making.

5/5/15 - Jay Evans presented "Simplified Trips-on-Project Software (STOPS): Strategies for Successful Application" to the Transit Committee at the Florida Model Task Force Meeting in Orlando, Florida. This presentation and others from the conference will be available for download via the following link.

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