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Effective November 28, 2005, Jay Evans provides transportation industry consulting services via Cambridge Systematics (CS), where he serves as a Principal.

Engaged in Transportation Since 1988

Jay Evans has been engaged in traffic, transit, and transportation work since 1988. Beginning with the Accident Database Reporter for Maryland, he has developed more than a dozen transportation planning and engineering database applications. He has worked with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) since 1991 when he developed a custom application for handling traffic sign work orders and inventory for Harford County. He has hands-on experience with GIS and mapping products, including applications from ESRI, MapInfo, and Caliper.

Multimodal Transportation Planning and Transit and Rail Systems Focus

Today, Mr. Evans' transportation focus is in the areas of multimodal transportation planning and strategic planning for transit and rail systems (including New Starts, system expansions, system retraction, and the related travel forecasting). He has worked on numerous transportation mode choice models, especially for sketch-planning applications, and is familiar with all of the major travel demand forecasting software applications, including Caliper's Maptitude and TransCAD; Citilabs' Cube, MINUTP, TP+, TRANPLAN, VIPER, and Voyager; INRO's emme platform; and PTV's VISUM.

He has applied pivot-point nested-logit models to evaluate the impact of system changes, and full-information nested-logit models to evaluate the impact of new services. He has also built straight-forward regression models for a variety of applications. He has been engaged to develop enhancements to existing model applications and to develop new model applications. He is able to maintain legacy applications or can help migrate applications to other platforms. He has used the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Transportation System User Benefits (TSUB) SUMMIT application and has developed models compatible with it. He has written models using TP+ and TransCAD GISDK scripting environments as well as applications in FORTRAN, C/C++, Delphi, and VB.

Selected Experience

For the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation, Mr. Evans managed two major corridor transit/transportation demand management (TDM) studies. The first, for I-95/I-395, focused on developing plans for using revenue from the high-occupancy/toll lanes proposed for development in the corridor to support enhanced transit services and TDM programs, such as vanpool incentives. The second, for I-66, looked at potential enhancements to transit service and TDM programs focused on this congested corridor, from Haymarket to Washington, D.C. Both work programs involved numerous stakeholders and complex travel demand forecasting analyses. The resulting final reports are linked via the News page.

For a Maryland agency, Mr. Evans developed a super-regional trip table based on consensus regional forecasts using a custom-developed allocation method typical for statewide transportation modeling. For a Delaware agency, he developed a series of commuter rail demand forecasts for both new and existing service through the use of custom-developed models.

Mr. Evans performed research, analysis, writing, management, and technical support for a project exploring the travel choice impacts of changing transportation system elements and presented findings in a comprehensive handbook. Mr. Evans authored chapters on: transit scheduling and coverage, vanpool services, park-and-ride facilities, bicycle and pedestrian improvements, value pricing projects, travel demand management strategies, and transit-oriented development.

In addition to forecasting applications, Mr. Evans has developed other decision support tools to perform such tasks as optimizing asset utilization (e.g., rolling stock, platforms) and program maintenance (e.g., traffic signal preventative maintenance schedules and tracking, capital programming).

5/5/15 - Jay Evans presented "Simplified Trips-on-Project Software (STOPS): Strategies for Successful Application" to the Transit Committee at the Florida Model Task Force Meeting in Orlando, Florida. This presentation and others from the conference will be available for download via the following link.

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