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Since 2002, Jay Evans Consulting has practiced the art and science of strategic decision support.   We provide research, analysis, guidance, and tools to help make choices about issues of strategic significance for government and business, large and small.  

Strategic Planning Benchmarking and Evaluation
Many of our engagements involve developing cost / benefit analyses to support strategic decisions. Strategic insights require going beyond number-crunching to keeping up on shifts in the marketplace and current opportunities and threats.

Revenue enhancement and expenditure reduction can follow from exercises in industry benchmarking of on-going businesses. For mergers and acquisitions, identifying value to be captured or problems to be avoided is a critical step.

Value Management Custom Solutions
Successful project management can increase the return on investment for strategic initiatives. A variety of techniques can be used to develop well-defined work scope and to maintain adherence to schedule and budget targets.

Database applications and decision support systems enable entities to successfully leverage information technology investments. JEC is fully experienced in legacy software maintenance and updates as well as developing new applications.

5/5/15 - Jay Evans presented "Simplified Trips-on-Project Software (STOPS): Strategies for Successful Application" to the Transit Committee at the Florida Model Task Force Meeting in Orlando, Florida. This presentation and others from the conference will be available for download via the following link.

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