Application of Relational Data Base Structure for Managing Network Information

Transportation Research Record 1551January 1996

Working with transportation networks can be tedious and confusing. Most transportation modeling packages available treat components of a transportation network independently and require coding complete networks for all alternatives. This approach has several weaknesses: it is time consuming, requires duplicate information to be stored for each alternative, and misrepresents the interactive nature of the many network attributes. A relational data base structure in conjunction with effective network management software can be used to capture the interrelationship of network characteristics, facilitate network updates, and maintain all the network scenarios in one data file. The approach, benefits, and implementation of such a system are described.

Perincherry, V., J. Evans, and A. Bradstreet, “Application of a Relational Data Base Structure for Managing Network Information.” Transportation Research Record 1551, TRB, National Research Council, Washington, D.C., 1996, pp. 18-25.

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